How to place a bet online?

Once you are registered with an online betting operator, you can place your first sports bet. But beware; to make this the most of the bonus on the first lost bet offered by many operators, it is important to make a first deposit knowing the conditions for allocating bonuses. In most situations, the operator offers a first bet refunded if it loses, up to the bet of the first bet, within the limit of the amount of the first deposit and € 100. This way that if you desire to be reimbursed for the first bet of € 100, in the event of a loss, you must deposit at least 100 Euros on your first deposit, and you must bet this same amount on your first sports bet. You can also ignore the bonus offers and place the first sports bet of the amount you want.

Place, choose your bet online and bet:

Except if you have a ticket or a free bet (free bet offered by the operator), you must first deposit money into your player account. To do this, go to a place where you can deposit money and deposit a sum of money (there is sometimes a minimum deposit of between a few Euros and 20 €). Choose a payment method and credit your player account. This operation takes from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on your dexterity to draw your credit card or use another means of payment.

Online Sports Betting

As soon as your player account is in credit, you have the possibility of choosing a sport, then a sports competition on which you wish to bet. By default, you are offered a simple bet. The operator offers you many other solutions if you click on the little extra, or on the plus sign followed by a number (this number corresponds to the number of different online bets available,  as in the example below)

You can then make your choice by clicking on the side corresponding to the bet on which you want to bet. In this example, I have selected a rating of 1.5. It only remains for me to choose the amount of my bet, and then press the “Bet” button. Once your bet is saved, you can find it in your betting history. Some operators offer the cash-out option, which allows you to find all or part of your stake and sometimes even more.

How does an online bet work?

There are different types of online bets, from single bet to combined bet, or even the grid, etc. These different online betting offers allow players to adjust their winning expectations according to the complexity of the bets.