Detailing the values of a 21 hand in Blackjack

Although it is a known fact that casino games are worldwide popular among teenagers and adults, but they are also best friend of gambler’s. But are you ready to hit the table in casino? Play casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette etc to have unlimited fun and entertainment. There are hundreds and thousands of casinos available both physical as well online. Choose this website of Casino4U that is an authorized online casino which allows its customers to play the game of Blackjack with latest bonuses to ease extra hours of fun online. Just learn and master the basics of Blackjack card game in detail first with free Blackjack. Before playing this game the player needs to know that the hand values are sum of card values. When the value of ace is one it is known as soft the player can take additional cards to improve their hand and then it controls the hand value to not exceed  more than 21 which is otherwise known as hard.

Follow these Rules to get the value of 21 in hand for Blackjack:

  1. The player should have basic knowledge of cards before willing to play the game. Each and every casino site offers attractive bonuses and cash prizes to attract the players visit their site. So that why know what kind of bonuses this site offers and play applying your knowledge, thorough skills and concentration which are very important to get the right cards in hand to win the Blackjack card game.
  2. As all know Blackjack is variation of 21 that includes wide range of card games which allows the player to try their hand and score more points to defeat the dealer but not exceed the score more than 21.
  3. Choose your casino game from the American Blackjack or European Blackjack. A table can hold up to 7 players but if anyone wants to go with one to one affairs then the match will be between them and the dealer himself.
  4. Every card of Blackjack is designed with a picture such as Kings, Queens and Jacks. The player needs to score these cards in numerical ranking. An Ace is equal to one or 11 points
  5. Just be careful while betting in need of values of 21 hands in Blackjack because sometimes there are chances of losing original betting amount if the dealer already hits the Blackjack. Because if the dealer holds an up card or Ace for Blackjack then the player needs to check for the whole cards to get the value of 21 in hand or make an Ace or win 10 point card. But if the dealer first reveals the hand with value of 21 then they beat all other players on the table.


It is essential to play any casino game with applied skills, knowledge and concentration to win the value of 21 in hand for the game Blackjack which has players from all across the world. Get into the desired action to beat the dealer and score 21 points in hand and abide with the above mentioned rules.