Playing Perfect Poker Online

This is a paradox that exists in unlimited poker tournaments, when the expression often mentioned “playing perfect poker” is mentioned. Experts, professionals, books, magazines and any other possible way of obtaining information about poker will always lead to a common goal: “always plays your A-game”. To achieve excellence in your game, you need a focused mental state that you bring before and during your time at the table. Poker is respected and hated for its unlimited volatility and uncertainty. The obligation to make the right decision in any circumstance can only bring salvation to the players.

However, playing the perfect poker game does not guarantee a perfect result.

This leads to the second definition of excellence in poker; the ideal result is to win the tournament. No matter how strongly you are determined to play, you cannot predict the outcome of a good deck’s cards. That is why Texas Hold’em poker has become so popular in recent years. Television emphasized that everyone can win, regardless of skill level or experience. In the end, sharks will squeeze out all the fish’s money, but in the poker tournament, if the stars converge at the right time, an amateur can go home with the title, find more at


It is this second definition, which allows a beginner to take cheese home, combines the taste of poker with intrigue and containment. Poker purists will argue that a game with the right strategy and calculation is more respectable than winning with luck or failure. Characters usually explode when a player wins a big hand, despite making the wrong decision. While the loser expresses his disgust, the winner, whose game was imperfect, is too busy to stack his chips to take care of him. You will get a perfect happy couple with perfect decision making any day if the chips are where you sit.


After everything is said and done, according to his point of view, a definition of excellence in poker is inherently qualitatively superior to another; which one you choose will talk a lot about the type of player. In the long run, it will always be useful to play smart poker and make the right decisions just because of the differences in statistics, but in unlimited poker tournaments it may not be granted “long term” and, therefore, probably better to have the second definition of “perfect” by your side Perhaps a good rule to follow would be a happy mediation between the two: live by definition one, pray by definition two! Free poker tournaments start every second, so now there is no time to practice the perfect poker game!