Fish Shooting Game: Discounts and Other Perks

When you want to play ทดลองเล่นเกมยิงปลา or any game under the same site for a long time, you must consider becoming a member. It is not only for the sake of becoming one but it grants you perks that you would surely enjoy in the future. They are very generous when they offer bonuses, and it is one reason many people have become members. Take note of the benefits you will acquire, so you could make a wise decision before you register and pay for the services.


This is the perk that you should look out for. There are bonuses and discounts for certain activities such as becoming a member, for instance. For new members, especially those who never had any history of depositing, they will get a 20% promotion bonus. For example, if your first deposit is 400 baht, that means you will receive 20% of that amount (which is 80 baht); that is already a total of 500 baht. You just have to complete the turn to make sure you get the 20% bonus immediately.

Another thing to remember is the referral bonus. The terms and conditions are very easy to follow. You have to make sure your friend never had any history of depositing or applying. That way, their records would be fresh. Secondly, their first deposit has to be a minimum of 300 baht. Anything less will not make them eligible to avail of the bonus. Receiving the bonus is the same as becoming a member. The only difference is that the promotion bonus for referrals is 30%.

Always take note that not everyone can receive the bonus. You have to check your eligibility and the eligibility of your referrals before you start the registration. That way, you wouldn’t be wasting your time.

Fish Shooting Game

Commissions and Discounts 

All customers will receive discounts and commissions for each bill they play. You must be aware of the following discounts:

2 pairs = 3%

3-4 Pairs = 5%

5-6 Pairs = 6%

            7-8 Pairs = 7 %

            9-10 Pairs = 8%

            11-12 Pairs = 10%

The good thing about these discounts is that they never expire. You can even play to withdraw without doing the turnover.

Additional Tips

Since the money you deposit is significant in playing the Fish Shooting Game and other games, you must make sure the amount you’ve deposited is right. You don’t want to bet an amount that could ruin your personal budget. Besides, you have the perks for being a first-timer and that is getting the bonus. The promotion bonuses are of great help to new players, which is why you must wisely make use of them. Simply, never play or bet recklessly. Think and observe, so you wouldn’t lose huge amounts at the end of the day.