Rules and Regulations of Gambling License Board

Curacao Gambling License is one of the foremost regulated gambling licensing authorities and till date draws more people to apply for license there. Curacao also holds many casinos but most of them offer only slot machines and poker rooms are available in very few. Yet, Curacao has developed as a strong base for online gambling licensing over two decades. Curacao gaming control board was formed in 2002 which regulated the gambling licenses through off line mode and was later replaced by the Curacao eGaming license.

Curacao Egaming License

The eGaming license covers all types of gambling and is split in two categories. One is the master license that gives business people rights to run online gaming company and also to provide sub-license to other small business people. Second type is the sub-license that only gives the right to run an online gaming company. With these two types of license gaming companies can run online poker table games and poker rooms, online slot machines and scratch cards, online betting on sports and live broadcasting of the casino games.

Why people rush to Curacao for license?

There are no big restrictions based on market in Curacao for getting a gambling license and there are no big barriers for entry into the field.  This attracts new companies that want to engage in online gambling with physical dedicated servers and online cloud servers. Main requirements one need to get a Curacao gambling license are sufficient fusing and third-party auditing report. Curacao Gambling License has low corporate tax rates and no sales tax or VAT that easily pulls in many companies. The licensing process in Curacao is not rigorous with the heavy inflow of applications and also Curacao makes more money from gambling industry than other sectors. Besides these factors, Curacao has been into gambling regulation for a long period and has extensive experience to help in newer people coming into online gambling business.

Is Curacao Licensed Gambling Fair?

Since there are no critical evaluations while processing licensing in Curacao, only basic facilities are verified and thus there can be lot of risks associated with the sites with Curacao gambling license. When there is no option than playing in such site, it is important to ensure that the games are fairly designed and completely random. This can be verified when the site has their games individually certified for randomness and fair play. There are companies to exclusively offer such verification of games that can be made use of and they provide their logos for the sites verified by them. Not all sites licensed at Curacao have a good customer care team and response system and these logos can be handy for the users to verify the website before starting to play.