Words You Should Know When Playing Online Casino Games

There are so many online casino sites such as Asia88 and a lot of people keep getting hooked into it. Newbies will find it difficult to understand some of the guides they might find. This is because most guides use terms that are specific to online casinos. Newbies who encounter those words for the first time will struggle. Here are the most common words you should be familiar with if you plan to play online casino games.

Advantage player – This is a player who has some kind of advantage over the casino. It is often used for card counters in Blackjack. It is also applied to online players who use bonuses to gain an advantage.

Ante –  Some casino games demand an ante before the game starts. This is what you call a bet at the start of a hand or round.

Banker – This is another word for the dealer of the house or the one who deals the cards.

Bankroll – The amount of money on a player’s account that he or she can use to place bets.

Chips – These are not the typical thin slice of fried potatoes. These are tokens used in casinos to represent cash. They come in various denominations like cash.

Croupier – A banker or a dealer is also called by its French word.

Edge – The casino has the edge most of the time. This is the advantage held in a casino game.

Flash Casino – This is a type of online casino that lets you play games from your browser. It uses Flash technology so you can play without downloading anything.

High roller – Someone who plays casino games for high stakes is often referred to with this term.

Playing Online Casino Games

House – This is what most people call the casino.

House rules – Each casino has a specific set of rules which people call the house rules.

Layout – This is the surface of a gaming table. It is where players can place their wagers. Online casinos reproduce this in the virtual world.

Lobby – Available games are often found in the online casino’s lobby.

Live-dealer games – This is a type of online casino with real dealers. It is usually done over a live video stream.

Non-sticky bonus – This is the type of bonus you can withdraw once you meet all the requirements.

Payout table – This shows you each winning combination on slot machines and video poker games. You can also see the relevant pay-out for each bet on table games here.

Progressive jackpot – This type of jackpot increases over time.

Push – This is a tied outcome at casino games where neither the house or the player wins.

Stake – This is what you call the amount wagered on the outcome of a casino game.

Sticky bonus – Unlike the non-sticky bonus, you cannot withdraw this bonus. It sticks to the account and you can only use it to place bets and continue playing.

Whale – This is a high-value player who plays for big stakes.

Now that you are familiar with the common words used in online casinos, you can try reading more guides. Make sure to read more before you try and enjoy placing bets.