Develop your Online Poker Strategy

If you played poker well at home, it is not hard to believe that you cannot make money playing online poker. However, there are several differences between playing with friends and inside the virtual poker room.

Here are 9 tips to help you get many winning sessions.

1) Stay patient. This is the golden rule of poker online Indonesia and is doubly important as online. Many players can spend an hour without winning a single hand, and then fold their stack after putting a monstrous hand. Waiting for a giant hand can be boring, but the payment is rewarding

2) Stay focused. Playing without leaving home is a pleasant experience. But working on the Internet, washing and cooking between hands can be a distraction and can contribute to wrong decisions.

3) Play within your budget. Knowing the loss will not lead to serious violations in your pocket, and you can play at ease, without mentioning that you cannot enter the house of the poor.

poker online Indonesia

4) Minimize your bluff Many online players are too distracted to pay attention to specific players, or have not sat at the table for a long time and will not respect a large bet.

5) Avoid tilt movement. Once again, patience plays an important role, since someone who plays Texas Hold’em will surely have his pocket aces broken by someone who connects groups of three and seven. Recognizing the fact that these types of players will pay long term will serve you better than being one of these players.

6) Do not become a conspiracy theorist. Many online players are convinced that bad rhythms are one of the main products of certain websites. However, the same players do not realize that many more hands are played during an online session than in a normal game. As a result, you can see a wide range of hands online. Do not let a bad blow change your game.

7) Play aggressively good hands. Since internet players tend to play weaker, they will not hesitate to make big bets with mediocre hands. More than an aggressive game of nuts will be worth it.

8) Pass the missed sessions on the fly. Understand that sometimes the letters just do not come. If you have spent more than three lost sessions in a row, take a break and overestimate your game. If necessary, take a week off. A short postponement of the cards leaves many players awake and ready to play some cards.

9) Do not trust yourself too much, but do not sell yourself short. Try not to forget that winning the tournament does not make you an outstanding player, and the final ending does not make you a bad player in the cards. This ensures that you do not get too arrogant or too chubby.


There is no simple formula to become a winning online poker player. But staying focused and patient will help you inflate your poker account.