Poker: luck or skill?

Poker game whether that is online or tradition one in a big poker room, anybody who is indulged in this game could tell u that poker is not a game of luck it’s a sheer game of skills. People who are expert in this game says that poker is all about the right move at the right time. While one need to keep certain points in mind while playing these poker games online. Although some people believe that luck does plays its part in the game only skills would not be able to make you the winner all the time. Game which are played in a tradition poker room are said to be more luck based rather than skills such as Tebak nomor.

Who dominates more luck or skill?

This question arises from time to time about poker game. And to get to the conclusion lots of studies and researches have been done as well. According to those studies the player who tend to win the more poker games out of ten, keep on winning after a regular interval of period. On the other hand players who were losing since starting, they kept on following the same trend till last. This shows that luck does not play a much of role in winning poker while skills do. Players who know the skills to play this game are more likely to win this game.

Does skill can make one win always?

As there are studies supporting poker as a skill game there are group of people also who their own reasons to prove its not only skills all the tie. According to their points if a player is winning by its skill why can’t he win all the games all the time, And it’s not possible for any player to win all the hands. Their another valid reason is that a player might make some strategies through his skill but how is he going to control what cards he will get, getting good cards are fully depend on the luck and it is proven then you can show your skill only if one has a good card.

Making poker popular

There is always a question in mind of everybody that why poker is so popular amongst the players. Well the answer is because this game is a mixture of luck and skill both that is the reason why is game is so successfully popular in the market. It is said that with a perfect balance of skill and luck anyone can win these poker games, but eventually the players with skills will come on the top.

Although it’s a debatable topic of all time that who dominates whom, but if we will go according to the studies poker can’t be played without luck and skill both. That is the reason that game Tebak nomor is so popular amongst the player.

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