Poker Psychology Awards

There will always be an endless discussion about how to make the right decisions in poker, and how being consistently good at making the right decisions makes it constantly profitable, with a very familiar warning about long-term profitability.

When I say that there is no reward for playing perfect poker, I am talking about the short-term vision and the results regarding the right game and, often, I see the wrong result. It often seems that there are no rewards for a perfect poker game, but professionals or high-level players implicitly realize that even a losing combination means you really win.

This is a big difference between a good and a bad poker player

A good poker player does not expect to win as much as in the right game. It is difficult for a weaker player to understand this, and this is true, just because people or society in general expect rewards for an excellent job. When this does not happen, the result is often a wave of insults in chat or in active exchanges.

Do you like football, baseball, hockey or any other sport? If you play sports in almost any grade, you can understand that if a professional team perfectly meets the game plan, it is very likely that the game will win. In order not to win a perfectly executed game, this would mean that the other team played even better. Of course, you know this never happens, and more about the team that makes the least amount of mistakes that generally prevail.


You can sit for hours at the table in tournaments or cash games, go through each hand and say exactly to yourself: “I have not made a single mistake in this game.” However, still get caught in a cash game or not make money in a tournament. In fact, you can participate in many tournaments by playing perfect poker and not making money.

So, as you can see, we were trained to implicitly understand that excellence deserves rewards, even immediate ones. But poker is a game that puts it in your mind, to the extent that somewhere deep in your deep thought process you understand that there is a fundamental and opposite truth to what you always understood as correct and fair, probably from your childhood

You can play the perfect chess game and you know you can win 90% of the time. You can play the perfect game of tennis and you know you have the guarantee of winning. You can play the perfect John Madden soccer game on PlayStation, and you know that nobody will beat you. All you need to do now is disconnect this long-standing winning formula and understand that in poker this is actually a puzzle, not the path to an immediate solution. After going through this, you can create a truly winning formula in your poker game.